July 20, 2017 Case Studies

Orders To Ship In Less Than 24 Hours For Rings & Open Die Products

Situation Overview

For over three years GULFCO Forge and Machine has been delivering open die forged products and rings to one select customer with 24 hours delivery. Yes, this means the customer places their order for forged product(s) today and GULFCO ships tomorrow. During the last three years, GULFCO has continued to improve and now has the capacity to offer the 24 hours delivery service to a broader range of new and existing customers.

And better yet, the quality is 100%. That’s right, not one non-conformance to our customer for over three years in the 24 hours delivery program. The program and process work, the key to success is the customer and GULFCO working together as a team. By working together as a team, we can jointly prescribe the commercial and technical guidelines to properly execute overnight delivery and 100% quality conformance.

The breadth of products had grown 400% in the three years. The growth of the program validates the winning benefits to our customer, and GULFCO is proud to be an enabling partner of the customer’s extended enterprise.